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      Company profile
      公司簡介 發展歷程 榮譽資質
      Chongqing Shunbo Aluminum Co., Ltd. is the first listed company in Hechuan District and the 56th listed company in Chongqing. Its stock name is "Shunbo alloy" and its stock code is 002996.
      Adhering to the business philosophy of "never stop, creating excellence", "Shunbo Alu", based in Chongqing, looks to China and even the international market, studies and innovates the company's business model, and enters the capital market. It was successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 28, 2020, laying a solid foundation for the company's development.Over the years, the company has been widely recognized and trusted by the industry and customers, and has become a leading manufacturer of recycled aluminum in China.In the future, the company will also strive to create a first-class enterprise with a new attitude, determined to become the leader of the international recycled aluminum smelting industry, to achieve enterprise economic and social value!

      023-88061559 / 023-88061121
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